Counseling and Coaching

Counseling support for parents that are facing the stress of raising a child with a disability – Parents who have kids with disabilities often feel alone and fearful about what the future holds. They need someone who understands them and will not judge the path they or their child are on.

Counseling support for teachers/school staff who are facing the stress of navigating the culture of a school while getting student needs met. Teachers working with increasing demands and limited resources often feel overwhelmed and worried that they can’t do it all.  Opening up about experiences in a safe environment can help clarify the problem, release stress, generate possible solutions, and increase positive feelings about work.

Counseling support for young adults with identified or suspected learning differences. Transitioning to life after high school and knowing how to manage college/work with less parent oversight is hard for many young adults, especially those that learn differently.  They often need a safe sounding board, feedback on choices, and advice on managing their mental health.

Navigating life demands while attending to self-care is challenging.  I am able to support parents, school staff, and young adults clarify their challenges, develop coping skills, and know what essential resources to access during challenging times.